Who is Continuum iCare?
Continuum iCare is a health information technology (HIT) company founded out of the need for effective patient self-care management from the unique perspectives of provider, patient, and caregiver. It was borne from the founders' own experience with shortcomings in the care process that can adversely impact patient compliance, a key determinant in health outcomes and critical factor in provider compensation under value-based care. Continuum iCare offers providers a self-care management system to prescribe patients treatment plans based on medical condition to increase compliance.
"As a primary care provider, I'd love nothing more than being able to take the time necessary to teach patients about their diagnoses and treatments and medications, but sadly in today's reality financially I cannot afford to. The only way my office has been able to remain in operation is to lay off employees and speed up the pace so that we can see enough patients to pay the bills. My pay is less than it was 3 years ago despite working harder because I have less help. Insurance premiums are skyrocketing, while reimbursement to physicians in primary care increase more slowly than inflation." Primary Care Physician
Syracuse, UT "... Our reimbursement will begin to be tied to our performance. As long as medicine continues being a consumer product, we will have to have more transparency in our charges and reimbursement, no matter how distasteful. The alternative is national healthcare run by the government, as it is in most of the rest of the world." "All these new changes are making everything more difficult for me and for my pediatric practice. I worry about this new grading system; when we are judged, will my practice be found wanting and not up to defined standards? Will these standards change on a predictable regular basis or will we be blindsided by sudden unannounced adjustments? Will a few bad outcomes have small effects or large effects on reimbursement? After all, sometimes patients don’t do well, despite the best care." Rebecca Fox, MD
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